Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Our special weekend with Peej

Pretend I am Jon. He would have wanted it that way.

You see, Jonathan just got home from work. I just finished reading an excellent article by the late Trudeau on federalism written in 1965. I suppose that is neither here nor there. Context is important though. Back to my point. It's 5:00pm, and there are many tasks, mostly tedious and unadventurous, that need to be undertaken this evening. Jonathan is out of undershirts so the laundry is at the top of list, and since the laundry room closes at 9pm, it has to be done immediately. Also near the top is supper. Two grumbly tummies and tired minds make meatloaf-making a daunting task. But, since this is a secret recipe on the hubs side of the family, the duty falls on Jonathan.

So, what I am trying to say is with laundry to run and meatloaf to make, there is very little time this evening for Jonathanella to blog. And since my household duties are limited to fluffing pillows, making tea and looking pretty, I thought I would help Jon out and contribute a post on his behalf.

So onto it.

What a fun weekend we had. Those of you who keep us on bookmark will already know that PJ came to visit. We met up on Saturday night, had dinner under fireworks at a little Greek place by our house, and watched a terrible Will Farrell movie. PJ snored and Jon feel asleep. Yep. We sure lived it up.

On Sunday we had a big hearty breakfast which we washed down with some gelato and ice-cream at a mega-cafe in downtown Vancouver. With 218 flavours on site, we decided to make an afternoon out of this one. You see, it is only evitable for an ice-cream company to get bored of fruits and desserts for flavours and start branching into the edgier category ...

... of condiments and spices!

You have the basic delicious blends (cinnamon), the potentially tasty variety (ginger, lavender), and the decidedly terrible concoctions (curry power). Some experiences need not be had for certain outcomes to be established and I think this certainly applied here. But we had no where to be and curiousness killed us - er, at least a healthy number of our tastebuds.

So here are the ones we tried:

Garlic - This was PJ's pick. It was awful. Sweet, cold, yet garlicy. Someone's tongue rolled over and died on this one.

Balsamic vinegar - This was my pick. It was disgusting. Sourly wrong. Hard to swallow.

Wasabee - This was Jonathan's pick. Honestly, out of all the 'savoury' flavours, it was probably the most tolerable. A nice spicy kick if you are into that thing in your ice-cream.

Kim Chi - Again, PJ's pick. Honestly, PJ was really getting a masochistic kick out of these exotic flavours. I don't know why we decided to go along with this one. It was definitely the worst. It tasted like wet limp cabbage. It made my tongue depress back into my throat a bit.

Chocolate Chili - Staff pick. That was some craaaazy chocolate ice-cream. Holy cow it was spicy. My mouth was burning for at least ten minutes after the little spoonful I tried.

Chocolate Basil - My pick. This was really good. You could taste the basil quite distinctively. It was so good I had to share my tiny little spoonful with Jon and Peej. They concurred that it was most interesting, even delicious.

There were so many interesting flavours to try but it took awhile to get a server's attention so we could grab samples of them, so soon after we sampled the 'savories', we got to work picking out our actual ice-cream flavour. In the end, Jon went with peanut-butter fudge; PJ went with a double scoop of chocolate fudge and something I can't remember; and I went with chocolate fudge. Next time, we will try the "asparagus and wild cranberry" as well as the "pear and gorgonzola". Sounds like appetizers but they are actual ice-cream flavours.

After ice-cream, we hung out at Jericho beach. It had clouded over a bit but the sand was still warm and the view of English Bay is always pretty. When we got bored of lazing around (an hour later), we headed to Granville Island Brewery so the boys could sample some local beers. We made a pit stop in the market to grab some supper, which we ate as we boat-watched on the docks. By the way, a good name for a luxury boat that no one else can afford? Necessity.

Unfortunately PJ got sick shortly after ordering his beer sampler, so Jon graciously offered to drink half of PJ's set. This decent amount of booze left Jon as happy as he was tipsy on our saunter back to New West.

And finally, Monday was spent getting peed on by mother nature, and enjoying the aquatic life at Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park. After Art Lattes downtown, we (sadly) sent PJ on his way back to prairie-town.

So that's it. That's the update. Time to go make tea and fluff pillows.


Anonymous isaac said...

What's good name for an ice cream flavour no one should ever try? Pear and Gorgonzola. You'd think a yuppie place like this so called ice cream parlour would come up with better concoctions than they have. I'm thinking something along the lines of Chunky Klunky Ticker Killer, Cookies & Creamy Aneurism, and my favourite the Pistachio Cholesterol Bomb Shell.


p.s. I'm sure someone somewhere is counting the existence of such an establishment as one of the seven signs of the apocalypse. Or at least as a sign of the decline of western civilization.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Gujustud said...

Who complained their way out of the grind?

11:54 AM  
Anonymous neilesh said...

See, I'm curious how you managed to pull yourself away without first seeing what type of people actually go to the gelato store and say:

Can I get a double scoop, make one.. hmmm..... I dunno... how about... balsalmic vinegar, and... what goes well with basalmic vinegar? Kim Chi you say? Ok. That sounds good, lets get some Kim Chi to round that one out. What would little Timmy like? Do you guys still happen to have moldy cheese and wet cardboard? Or were those just promotions?

1:12 PM  
Blogger Gujustud said...

Pictures are needed for your next post ;)


8:59 AM  
Anonymous Pierre-Joel said...

ok, first i wanna know if i really did snore. because now the world knows... so it had better not be a lie.

And neil, i've given up on conventional meals and chosen to opt for an ice cream diet. I had tomato/mozarella/balsamic for an entree. Went onto French Onion Soup Sorbet, then meatloaf, potato, and a scoop of gravy gelati. Tomorrow shall be poutine and beer flavoured ice cream. Thats the decline of western civilization.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pierre-Joel, that sounds just like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Wasn't there some gum that was an entire meal?

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend- and I'm extremely jealous of all the gelato you got to try!! I really miss living near Pure, on Elgin...


9:39 AM  
Anonymous Touly said...

That ice cream store is the dumbest idea ever, I hope they never come to MTL. Was one of the flavours tzatziki ice cream? In all fairness, to top off the evening, that should have been the no. 1 pick after the Greek resto. Keep up with the theme people! Ideally, you'd have the choice, mild, medium, or strong.

8:12 PM  

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