Thursday, February 23, 2006


What's going on?!!
Call me the biggest TV junkie who doesn't actually own a TV, but where are all the episodes this week? The O.C., The Office? The Mercer Report? Where are you guys? You too, One Tree Hill.

I am not impressed - Here I am, with a week off from class and copious amounts of readings and papers to accomplish, and my one outlet from academic stupor just decided it was going to - oh I don't know - collectively take a week long hiatus. Well let me tell you, it's only spring break if you're a pimply teenager or a poor college student. So what then, are Rick Mercer, Mischa Barton, and Steve Carell doing gallivanting off-camera instead of on the silver (computer) screen? This is very sad stuff in my world.

On a positive note, today I got my hair cut. Which has me averaging a top-chop once every eight months. I swear my split ends resembled a pile of dust bunnies as they lay decapitated on the hair studio floor. And I know that when Jonathan reads this part, he's going to pause, laugh, shake his head and say "You're crazy Sima; I can't believe you write stuff like that". But continuing on the positive note, my hair feels soft, light and pretty and my shoulders and neck very relaxed from the free massage that came with the cut); my hair cut turned out to be half price (thanks Nat!); aaaand, Jonathan and I discovered a little hole in the wall lunch place in Yaletown (so hence, not so holeish) where we spent the sunny afternoon devouring delicious sandwiches and wraps. Our massive salads were not bad either with their tasty dressings - Jonathan had a vanilla-bean vinaigrette, and I opted for the cinnamon variety. We definitely fork shared, it was that good.

So that's it. Disappointed? You should take that up with my hubby. Jonathan thinks I should go on a diet - cut back he means - on my weekly postings. It's not good for me, he says, to have such high blood pressure after writing them. So I'll work on writing nice, instead of negative things, in less words and without all the post-blog rage.

Chipper as ever,


Anonymous nat said...

i think a lot of shows are on hiatus because networks don't want to compete with the olympics.

but what do the networks know? more people chose to watch american idol on grammy night. and again this week, american idol has higher ratings than both cbc's and nbc's prime-time olympic coverage.

at least 24 aired this week ... woo-hoo!

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Isaac said...

There's a reason American Idol beat out NBC's coverage. It sucks, that's why. The most biased, in your face, arrogant, all around shitty coverage of the Olympics ever.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous neilesh said...

I dont know who you guys are kidding. American Idol beats out NBC because (24 aside) Fox has a strangle hold on the dummy population. And when you have polls such as this 45% of Americans think humans were created 10,000 years ago
its no surprise.

10:16 PM  
Blogger Gujustud said...

I'm just upset that Nat's first comment is on S&J's site, and not mine.

Excuse me while I pout.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Isaac said...

Neilesh, why you gotta be the party pooper? That's fucking horrible.

10:35 PM  

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