Saturday, April 08, 2006

Good times

As you have probably already noticed, things have changed a little around here. But do rest assured that they are entirely cosmetic. They are like mere footnotes to our grand story, a tale of which the literary devices, the obtuse ramblings, and the occasional post from the male variety of Jima, have endured untouched and unharmed. Think Goldfish Crackers post-trans fats. Same great taste, but without those bad-for-you lipids.

So by now, you have also likely gathered the reason for our little face lift. We moved from our now dearly departed rental 1-bedroom at Oak and 12th in Vancouver, to our spacious little (who says I can't juxtapose in a blog?) abode by the Fraser River in New Westminster. That's right. Two weeks ago, we rented out our Vancouver apartment, then had Isaac visit, who popped back in a week later to witness the chaos of our packing frenzy, before moving the afternoon and evening of March 31st. April 1st, we awoke sore and tired and painted the whole living room and dining room, and by this weekend, we were pretty much totally pooped and totally moved in.

So thanks to all of you who put your best blog title suggestions forward. However, it was an exceptionally tight competition this year, with more applications than usual. And so, for some of you (especially those whose lifelong dream was to win this contest), we regret to inform that Neil's took the cake. Note to Neil: if you can find the time between sobs over your 9th-place-Canucks, please send us your address as we've managed to get the shot you wanted. It was tough, but we've pulled through on your request.

But back to us.
Intersting stories to tell about our place.

1) There are two bedrooms, but they have an open doorway between.
2) The living room is [no longer] forest green and the bathroom has red walls with orange and green tiles.
3) All the doors are glass. Yes, even the bathroom. No, the doors are not opaque. Not frosted either.
4) We have no heat. That is correct - our suite has neither floor vents nor electric baseboards. No, it does not have radiant heating either. The previous owner thought the electric baseboards were ugly so she had them sent out with the trash and the three associated heat control panels boarded up.
5) When you enter our building, you have to go down one floor to get to our suite. We live on the fourth floor, with just one suite below us and one suite above us. There are 7 floors to our complex. Try figuring that one out.
6) It has a cool-ass courtyard, a wicked-ass view, and it's on a big-ass hill.

Okay, so I'm running out. I need to save some brain power for my two papers due next week. Plus, I was at a rock concert last night so you can imagine I lost a few brain cells there.

Speaking of the rock concert, Jonathan and I are totally not hip anymore. You see, the Weakerthans (our favorite band) played on the UBC campus football field yesterday afternoon. Tickets and beer were cheap, so 10,000 kids showed up. Some were half-drunk from the get-go, and I'd say a quarter had fake I.Ds. I think the only sobers were the die-hard Weakerthans/New Pornographers fans, who sang along to the lyrics with a bit of rhythm in their knees while the other 9,982 attendees did other stuff. Other stuff included vomiting, sloshing beer on friends too drunk to notice, making out, dancing/convulsing/stumbling to the beer tent in a ungracefully inebriated manner, being drunk, playing drunk, drinking drunk, and lastly (but perhaps most popularly) attempting to snag a lady/man-friend through any tactic deemed acceptable by the drunken mind (yes, very loose list of things).

Both Jon and I had our own moments of "why-am-I-here? Oh-right-I-love-the-Weakerthans
-THIS-much". My moment was when I had beer spilled on me.

Think that's nothing? Alright, let me elaborate. The beer was post-consumption.

That's right, I had beer vomit sprayed on my wool coat. Which I will now dryclean. Serves me right for not wearing a tube top like all the others.

Jon's moment? Or shall I say moments, seeing as he was offered cocaine twice. Once while scouting out a relatively clean outhouse, and again while conversing with one of his students.

All in all, we saw two guys get arrested, a bunch of men piss over a fence, a lot of beer, a few paramedics, 9,982 drunk people aaaaand, and a couple hours of the New Pornographers and the Weakerthans.

But it was a fun night. Certainly not a bad one for a young married couple who would have otherwise spent it watching last week's episode of The West Wing, eating a home-made casserole and strolling the local hardware store for home improvement ideas.

A few of our friends have asked about our new place, so we'll post a couple pictures here. We really need to put something up on those walls and do something about those glass doors and that empty, empty office. But all in good time I suppose. We do plan to enjoy this view for at least a few years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a great place - I hope you enjoy it, once you can relax in it!!


7:52 PM  
Anonymous peej said...

I have a shy bladder, so I don't think I can stay at your place in May.

I hope the beer vomit dry-cleans easily.


11:48 AM  
Anonymous neilesh said...

Apparently, while the previous owner found the electric baseboards ugly s/he found hairy butts to be quite aesthetically pleasing.

If you wanted, I could buy you guys a giant canucks flag to hang on the outside of your bathroom door!

Just to confirm... my prize is life-size right?

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it may be my extended exposure to the (language) motherland, but i think you should respect our heritage and change the american 'gray' to the more respectable british/canadian 'grey'.

- brendan

12:59 PM  
Blogger Sima said...

In that case Brendan, shouldn't it be... gr-eh.

Hahaha, I kill myself.

But in all seriousness, I will discuss this matter with our other editor and inform you of our final decision. Thank you for bringing this important issue to our attention.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Gujustud said...

That toilet is...

.. kinky ;)

12:05 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

That living room --or at least the dining alcove-- are begging for some color (or as Candians say "colour, eh"). I'd suggest picking a color on one of those combo cards that also contains the other colors found in your new home. Something neutral is fine but not that stark white. You're too hip for that. If you really want to be bold, choose a different color for each of the three walls in the dining area.

12:44 PM  

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