Monday, May 29, 2006

Thirty-two inches

Whoa now guys. From the comments on our last post, I sense plenty of resentment for what Jonathan and I have come to regard as one of the greatest ice cream joints ev'a.


La Casa Gelato is very dear to our hearts and this negativity makes me sad, us sad.

I suppose I forgot to mention that 90% of their flavours aren't your garden variety (i.e. frozen peas and deli coleslaw) but rather, your sweet-mother-of-Paris variety (i.e. creme brulee and tarte au sucre). Does that change things? Good. Glad we settled that. Onto Amish's comment.

Yes Amish, we'll post pictures. Here are Jon's feet.

Oh, what's that? Did I miss the point of your comment? Say what? You want us to brag about our technological superiority by posting pictures of our brand new 32" LCD screen TV? Well, we are certainly not above doing that. And as I shared with Stephen early today, this is one thin, clean, urban, sexy, damn smug piece of gadgetry. Would fit in well at a yoga class, no? Not so flexible though. Thanks again Amish for haggling this sucker down for us, oh, some $400.

Oddly, our living room still feels ridiculously empty despite this totally uncalled for piece of consumption culture. But, this is not a decor challenge beyond Jonathan's own personal flair. As we sat on the couch yesterday evening, perplexed over the mass of space that our TV failed to fill, Jonathan proclaimed, "I got it honey. Let's get a big glass vase for the corner of the room." No kidding. That's Jon for you - continually confronting that big nasty persistent gender barrier in his own fashionable way. Who says men can't like vases and women can't press their husbands for fancy audio-visual equipment? Times have changed.

Actually they haven't. Women still get the short end of the stick from less than 4 months in office (ha!) to male designed and dominated organizations. Okay, the first one is a joke, but the second one certainly isn't. While I don't know how it feels, I know that trying to express oneself during question period in a room where verbal testosterone is the norm has not been a positive experience for most MLAs that are of the female variety. After all, women have never made up more than 20% of official parties.

I made that up but it might also be true.

Why am I writing all of this you wonder? You will have to bear with me this summer; I spend seven hours every day reading, writing and synthesizing material on Canadian Government and Federalism. All so I can "profess" my knowledge to tomorrow's teenangsters-turned-adults. So top of my mind is usually something related to class, race, gender, region and Canada's political structures.

Well, I have to go make the cheese sauce. Both my specialty and my duty for the evening. You can't eat broccoli without a little sharp - but light, 25% less fat - medium chedder now can you?


Blogger RRWalker said...

all these pics are fantastic!

11:01 PM  
Blogger Gujustud said...

Jon needs to shave.


11:38 PM  
Anonymous neilesh said...

Tsk tsk.

the sign of a gender swap is NOT whether women want spiffy technological gadgets but whether they can figure out how to turn it on and off without a full tutorial :D

(also in jest - before I get my email spammed by feminist groups)

As an aside, whats up with Amish typing gibberish at the end of all his posts? It's almost as though he is battling off a bout of insanity and as he finishes his blog comment, he can't hold on anymore and starts randomly smashing his keyboard before finally clicking Publish. :D

9:09 AM  
Anonymous ziggy said...

I still say it's ridiculously decadent for there to be any more than the three staple flavours. Those being chocolate, vanilla and strawberry (Reese's Pieces being exempt from this rule by divine intervention.)

What ever happened to graduate and post-graduate students never having any money? But, then again who cares? Mine is bigger anyways. Way bigger.


4:41 PM  
Blogger Julien said...

MEDIUM cheddar? No. You got it all wrong. Extra-old is the only way to go, and you know it.

7:00 PM  
Blogger CreepingLily said...

Julien's right.
Anything less is for pussies. Seriously, the nerve of some yuppies.

7:28 PM  

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