Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hypocrisy and Aristocracy (all in one post)

Gosh I'm Tired. Thursdays. Funny how my opinion of them has dramatically changed over a one-week period. Today was exhausting. I woke up, rather early (which, for a student is 8:00am), to do some research for the professor I work for. That lasted three hours until my class at 1:30pm. At 5:45pm, Jonathan safely (and kindly) escorted me from the 99 B-Line to our little apartment. It was a brisk 6 minute walk, and with Jonathan's arm linked in mine, I was sparred the nervous glances I would have otherwise given to strangers (a women was killed in what police suspect was a "stranger attack" on our street, a couple blocks down, three nights ago. Police have told women in the area to "be careful"). Excellent.

I think I'll take the rainy-day-strategy, and just stay inside instead but thanks for the heads-up on that. Let me know when you've caught the bad guys...

Anyways, for some reason, today was overly exhausting. Luckily, Jonathan's chicken was already marinating when we arrived back at the house (poor guy - cooked dinner on his birthday!!!!). I made a "healthy" dessert, which I suppose in retrospect isn't so healthy when you pig out on it (just like it isn't environmentally friendly, when you boost the economic efficiency of your firm while simulaneously increasing output!). I digress. It did however turn out to be a lovely evening. Jonathan was showered with birthday calls; my little sister aced her 12th grade final exams; the chicken turned out extra tender; and in 2 hrs, The Office, episode 15, will officially be on our computer. For the love of torrents, I hope I'm still up.

In other news, Jonathan and I went to see our first condo as a potential-home-buying-newly-married-couple. It was exciting, and oh, was it too small. Gorgeous, but alas, missing a dining room. We could go back to eating on the floor and sleeping on a pull-out couch like we did for a month after we had moved to Ottawa, but it's only romantic once. After that, it's just plain pathetic.

Speaking of which (er, both rather: pathatic AND romantic), we also got around to putting together our wedding photo album. There were 2000 to sift through so suffice to say we made a bit of a mess. But it was fun although I kind of took over (and Jon kind of didn't mind!).

Professional/designer albums aren't cheap, and in keeping with the entire wedding theme, we decided to do it ourselves and adhere to our student-spirited budget. We bought a sleek, but simple scrap book ($79) from Paperhaus, a stylish, - get this - office supply company. Honestly, this company makes binders and CD cases you'd drool over (especially you, Lily). I know, I know, what you are thinking. To transform notebooks and briefcases into haute couture is well - weird. a bit excessive - but what a feat at that!

In fact (cough - rant coming - cough), almost every little inch of Vancouver (uh... aside from that population of 20,000 that we call the homeless people when we are not ignoring them) is a piece of untapped lifestyle fashionability and exuberance. Vancouver, where each square foot of granite/concrete/ceramic living goes for $1000 and where for every Volkswagen Rabbit, there's a Bentley Continental GT. And, let's not forget that Vancouver is where Lululemon first made its name (and now sells butt-cupping apparel with "Kitsilano" - Vancouver's yuppyiest neighbourhood in town's name on it). Now, for all my finger pointing, I will be the first to admit that I've tapped this market. Jonathan too. We love shopping for new cookbooks at Caban, scoping out designer furniture at EQ3 and checking out the new floorplans at Raffels on Robson. But hey, at least we recognize our hypocrisy.

Like this. Yesterday I gave two dollars to a homeless man selling a newspaper that looked quite similar to that brochure project we were assigned back in grade five. He told me that the community centre helped them to put together the newspaper, and for the two dollars he made per copy, they would give him fifty cents and that this was a program to keep him off the street. Well, I bought the newspaper and I even read it, and man, am I a horrible person, because my first thought, as I perused it on the bus-ride home, was "Gosh, this is terrible writing. How unprofessional and improperly cited! Is that a comma-splice I see...?".

With that terrible thought, I bid you good night.



Anonymous neilesh said...

Only to pick at part of your post.. but the whole homeless newspaper thing just baffles my mind. That in 2006, we cant solve this homeless problem. Whether you care about them, or simply see it as a MASSSIIIVE market inefficiency, there is a ton of incentive in dealing with it.. and they just, can't.

This is one time the "hicks" in Saskatoon got it right. SARCAN was pretty much, recycling processing for disabled people, and I beleive they actually turned profits (and did good work - they were allowed to make high end golf clubs for a company (on contract)).

It employed 350ish people, or from a taxpayers perspective, freed up 3.5 million dolloars in welfare payments (17.5$/Saskatonian).

Anyways, my point is (and I'm not blaming the community center - its a good effort)... that using something that relies heavily on education and training (journalism) isn't a real good place to start to fight homelessness.

Anyways, if a community center would vouch to ensure that they would replace a stolen lawnmower/shovel (or better yet, provide their own), i would deliberately NOT cut my own lawn so I could pay a homeless person too. Yes, you'd have suburban yuppies in their SUV's whining that homeless people would have an unfair advantage over their kids but then we could just threaten them with an environmental charge on their SUV and they'd shut up real quick :D

And now, back to my regularly scheduled life... Engineering.

10:27 AM  
Blogger CreepingLily said...

I truly have nothing to say. I went to Osaka for the day which was fun... can you tell I'm too lazy to post on my own damned blog? ("Can I get an AMEN!") I enjoyed your post. I was just thinking about the HELL it will be to make my Japan scrapbook eventually. It will be way worse than the wedding book, TRUST. I take up to 200 photos ina single day. And I've been here for 5 months worth of weekends. Eesh. All in good time, I suppose.

Thursdays suck for me, too. They are my busy day at school, when I have ZERO planning time and a lot of lessons, plus it's a generally busy day. Second only to Saturday, when I don't work, it's a day that delivers a good swift kick to the junk. If I had some, I imagine it'd be pretty painful. *yawn*

Went to karaoke tonight. That was quite fun. And my favourite Indian place, Aruna... but the owner's never there anymore. Bummer...

Damn 2:00am, time for sleep.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Isaac said...

I, being the person I am, am a literary snob when it comes to spelling. Nothing erks me more than reading a good book and finding a typo or spelling mistake. I swear to god if I hear another sentence with a dangling participle I'm gonna fucking freak out.

Let's burn this bitch down!!!!

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe it is 'irks', but I'm sure that was an intentional and subtle piece of irony, correct?

- Brendan

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Isaac said...

Yes... intentional. Sounds good to me.

4:20 PM  

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