Saturday, March 18, 2006

How about "The Tug-boat Times"?

Yup, as Gujustud has so ominously pointed out, and as some of you might already know, the days of Oak and 12th are coming to an end.

No no no, we're not "shuttin er down". That would be silly. We love you and we love our blog. We just don't love our rent.

Rather, we love the bank very very much and expect to be in eternal debt to it.

Hey - did you know that 35-year mortgages were just introduced in Canada? That's right, all because of the crazy Vancouver housing markets, you can now pay off the last installment of your mortgage with your pension.

So after three weeks, or so, of hunting, a few leaky condo scares, and astronomical prices, we put an offer on a place on the banks of the Fraser.

Jon's choosing his words carefully but I've never been one to do so, so here it goes. We bought a condo! It's special and great and totally perfect for us (i.e. huge office space for daydreaming and scholarly writing with a cute little courtyard to accompany that cup of coffee, and the "Howdee Judy, how was Al's golfing trip? Is little Jimmy still teething?" early morning neighbourly banter).

Maybe Sima's getting a bit ahead of herself. Although Al's trip was probably fascinating (he probably shot a 75) , we still need to sign the final papers and get the keys - which should be done in the next 10 days or so.

Well... they did manage to take all of our money Jon...By the way, imaginary Al hit a 84. Is that bad or good, I'm not sure how golf works anyway...

Are we really still talking about Al? I hope our neighbours are more interesting than that. Here's the important thing: we are leaving the bright lights of Vancouver for the tug-boats of New West.

Oooh, you make it sound like a real adventure. One that actually only lasts a 15 minute Skytrain ride. We won't be too far away from the urban hippies, right Jonathan?

So given this change - we, the permanent editors of Oak and 12th have a challenge for you. We need to be "re-branded".

Aka, we're a company that accidentally defrauded our clients and are looking for a new handle to hide under. Hopefully no-one will retrace us back to Enron/Arthur Anderson/Martha Stewart/WorldCom.

Come on...what are you waiting for, start thinking.

Winner gets a framed photograph of their favorite inter-racial married couple.

[Editor's note: Jonathan only went along with this totally cheezy dialogue-style post because Sima pouted. So please don't get on Jonathan's case for being "this lame". It was all me, er, Sima.]